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Sunkissed Bikini Bottom

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For lovers of sun-kissed skin. Sunkissed bikini bottom are traditional figs, ideal for sunbathing during long days of lying on warm sand or during beach sports. Just add sunbathing oil.

Bindings ensure easy adaptation to any figure and a guarantee that the swimsuit will stay in place in every situation. Also useful if you want to tan evenly - it's easy to untie and tie.

Not enough space in the suitcase? It's not a problem! Sunkissed Bikini Bottom is a two-sided swimsuit, so you can choose which color (black / nude) better suits you that day. The lining subtly shows the other side of the bikini, indicating that you are wearing something unusual

When choosing materials, we think about the environment, that's why the figs are made of the highest quality French textured material, with a soft Italian lining in nude color. The lining is made of recycled lycra, from recycled plastic bottles taken from the oceans.

- Figs are double-sided.

- Mix and match! Sunkissed Bikini Bottom matches our bestselling swimsuit Perfectly Imperfect.

- Available in sizes XS, S, M, L

- The model is wearing size S

Be well Undressed! <3

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