About us

Hi, I'm Izabela. Together with my husband, Kacper, we founded Undress Code in 2016.

We made it for women who dream, love to go wild and are not afraid to really live. We want to tell the stories of these women and inspire them to make their dreams come true. Our products are an individual addition to the personal style and are suitable for Saturday madness, but also for lunch with friends or a day at the office.

Our ultimate goal is to give you confidence when you are wearing our pieces. We share our tips and tricks, we hope it will inspire you to try them out for yourself.

We are glad that you are with us.

Our main inspiration?

Actually, you are our main inspiration.

We create for women, who stand out from the crowd, to accompany them wherever they go. That’s why our pieces stand out too.

Where else can you find us?

Thanks to an innovative approach and attention to the highest quality you can find our pieces in:




Maison Simons

La Rinascente

and 100+ other stores in more than 30 countries.


We constantly work to be more and more transparent. We design everything in our office in Warsaw. Our products are made of reliably produced fabrics in the best sewing rooms around the world. The vast majority of our collection is carried out in family-owned sewing rooms in Poland, which allows us to reduce our carbon footprint.

We do not create overproduction, we believe in responsible consumption and buying quality products for years to come. You will not find plastic in packages from us, and the paper box in which we send your underwear is recycled. Many of the fabrics that we use are natural and organic or made of recycled materials.

Sounds nice? And this is just the beginning.