The Swimwear 2021 collection by Undress Code photographed in Zanzibar is an escape from
the prevailing world situation. It celebrates the nomadic lifestyle and shows how important it is to
be close to nature in order to achieve such deserved peace of mind. Freedom, naturalness and
daydreaming are the leitmotif of this campaign, and the whole story is collected as the story of
the artist's escape into nature.

Good Luck Charm Bikini

In cooperation with Charlotte Tomas, the photos herald a breath of normality and a long-awaited summer.


We take further steps towards responsible fashion. You'll get your order in a box made from recycled paper. Many of the fabrics we use are natural and organic or made of recycled poliester.

We constantly work to be more and more transparent. Every piece you wear is created from fairly produced fabrics in family owned sewing rooms in Poland.

Where else can you find us?

Thanks to an innovative approach and attenton to the highest quality you can find our pieces in, among others

Galeries Lafayette

Prinemps Paris Haussmann (pop-up store)


and 50+ other stores in more than 30 coutries.

Wild Cat Swimsuit

When the photos were taken, spontaneity

and freedom reigned.

Queen Bee Swimsuit

The accidental meeting that gave birth to this project, led by the heroine of our campaign, Charlotte, who from an international model, began to work towards the creative director of photo sessions of the largest fashion brands.

In life, she is guided by feminist values, which we support as a brand and we are proud that we were able to invite an inspiring woman to the campaign to convey her story.

Girlish Charm Bikini Bottom

Photographer: Gosia Turczyńska
Model and creative director: Charlotte Tomas